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SBI PO 2014 Exam Analysis

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SBI PO 2014 Exam Analysis

SBI PO 2014 Exam had 4 sections overall with 50 questions per section, taking the grand total of number of questions to 200. These 200 questions were to be answered in 120 minutes. In addition to this, there was a descriptive paper which had to be answered in 60 minutes.
Except the English Language section, all other sections (Reasoning, Data Interpretation and General Awareness+ Marketing + Computer Knowledge) were available in both English and Hindi, enabling even students with weak English to understand those questions well. Each question had 5 options, with 1 mark for the correct answer and negative of 0.25 marks for incorrect answer.
Difficulty Level and Attempts
Overall difficulty level of the SBI PO 2014 Exam was easy to moderate.
Reasoning section of the paper was of moderate difficulty level with time consuming calculations. Data Interpretation section was easy but had lengthy questions once again, students with good calculation speed would have had advantage here. English Language section and General Awareness+Marketing+Computer Knowledge sections were easy.
As per our analysis, the possible attempts in every section as well (by above average student) as the number of attempts by an average student in every section are as follows:

SectionPossible AttemptsAverage Attempts
Data Interpretation25-2822
GA + Computer + Marketing32-3530
English Language32-3528

SBI PO 2014 Exam: Detailed Sectional Analysis

 Reasoning Section
Section had moderate difficulty level, with questions based on Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles forming the majority.There were no non-verbal reasoning questions. At high level, almost every question was time consuming in this section.
Data Interpretation
This section once again had lengthy questions with moderate difficulty level as per general standards of SBI PO exam. Probability based questions were missing from the paper, while pie chart, table and graph based questions formed the majority.
English Language
This section was relatively easy, with just 2 passages featuring in the paper. One of the passages was a cake walk while the other had slightly tougher questions. There were no major surprises in the section and was on the expected lines.
General Awareness
Banking and Economy based questions dominated GA part of the section, with moderately difficult questions. Questions on currency, awards and international affairs also featured.
Marketing Awareness
Very easy questions which could have been solved easily with the help of sheer common sense. No major marketing knowledge was required to crack them.
Computer Knowledge
Another set of easy questions featured in this part of the paper. Questions were basically based on MS office, Input-Output systems, Hardware and Software in general.
Descriptive Section
This section also had moderate difficulty level and just a good grammar and handwriting will help you sail through this section successfully.
It consisted of Letter Writing, Precise Writing, Essay Writing, Passage Writing and Reading Comprehension.
Letter Writing - Complaint letter (to be written to Bank Manager as the customer of the bank), Informal letter (telling a friend about advantages of a PPF account) and letter to the editor (on tampering of currency notes) were given in this part.
Precise Writing- Economy, Inflation and Devaluation of money were the topics for Precise Writing.
Essay Writing- The topics given for essay writing were: Role of uneducated people in Indian economy, How education for economics can be put into colleges and Is election commission right in banning election symbols during casting of vote.
Passage Writing- Topics for passage writing were: Outdoor games should be made mandatory in Indian schools or not? , and should betting be legalized in India?
Reading Comprehension- Here a research paper written on income tax and how it should be imposed on different people earning different salaries and getting money by inheritance, was given. The research paper was authored by ‘Mill’.


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