Monday, 10 February 2014

IBPS Clerks III 2014 interview Experience

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Friends, here goes our first interview experience of IBPS Clerks III 2014. Shared by our friend Mr.Shashank Patel from Ahmedabad. 

Name : Shashank R Patel

Interview Venue : Dena Bank, Ahmedabad

Date : 10/02/2014

Time : 8:00 AM

Interview Document Verification Started at 9:15Am.

Interview Document Verification completed at 10:35Am

Interview Duration – 11:15Am-11:30Am

My Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks III

There were totally four members, three of them was male and one was female (M1,M2,M3,M4)- among them M2 was silent observer.
Gently knocking the door I entered inside.
ME: May I come in sir.
M1: Yes, come in.
M1: please have your seat.
Me: thank you sir.
M1: What is your name?
Me: Replied
M1: okay tell me different between permanent address and correspond address.
Me:Replied but I was confused.
M1: Okay tell me about your family.
Me: replied with smile.
M1: okay what is your qualification
Me: Sir BE computer.
M1: okay, so after completing BE why do you want to join bank?
Me: replied. I tell them I got less marks in BE so not able to find jobs in my field.
M1: okay what do you know what will you do after join the bank as clerk?
Me: replied
M2: how will you utilize your technical skill in bank?
Me: replied.
M1: what your father dream about you?
Me: replied.
M1: your wife is Asst prof. And her salary higher then you. Does this create problem for you?
Me: No sir. And explain
M3: who is the chairmen of planning commission?
Me: I said monterk singh ahuvaliya. M1 asked me your telling us or questioning us(with smile)?
So I explain I am just confuse between montek singh and PM
So M3 Replied me It is PM.
I said thank you
M3: What is KYC?What you mean by it?
Me: Replied.
M4: what is RTGS?
Me : Replied.
M4: What is different between RTGS and NEFT?
Me: Replied.
M4: Who is governor of RBI?
Me: replied.
M4: Where is the winter Olympic is held?
Me : replied( sochi,Russia)
M1: Ok thanks shashank You may leave. And he shake hand with me and wished me best of luck.

All the Best to all those people who are attending to  IBPS Clerks III Interviews. 


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