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XAT decision making :2011 :part 2

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 Answer key     
Answer question nos. 36 to 39 based on the following
In the country of Gagan, air travellers can buy their tickets either directly from the airlines or from three
websites that are licensed to offer ticketing services online. In Gagan most of the commercial transactions are done electronically, and all citizens have an account with its national bank CeeCee. As a result the three websites have become popular and each transaction through these
websites carries a surcharge of Gs. 250 (Gs. refers to Guppes, currency of Gagan). Given below are four post new-year (January 2, 2011 to February 28, 2011) offers from three competing websites:
 Cozy _travel Offer: Make a confirmed booking for any service (flight ticket, hotel or rail tickets) through from December 5,2010 to February 8, 2011 and become eligible for two free air tickets (offer is limited to the base fare). Free tickets have to be booked through online requests from January 1, 2011 to February 28, 2011. The request for free tickets should be submitted at least twenty-one days in advance. Free tickets are non amendable (except the passenger name) and cannot be
cancelled. Free tickets cannot be exchanged for cash or kind with anybody. Cozy_travel will try its best to secure the free ticket as per the request. However, ticket confirmation is subject to airline schedule and seat availability in airlines selected and finalized by Cozy_travel from specific available airlines. Cool_yatra Offer: Book any air ticket of any airline on on or after December 21, 2010 and
get your next ticket free. Under this offer, only the base fare of free ticket will be refunded by Customers will have to bear rest of the charges (other fees and surcharges). The value of base fare will be refunded to passenger on/after March 1 or fifteen days after completion of travel on free ticket (whichever is later). The free ticket can be booked only on GagaAir flights.
The free ticket must be booked within fifteen days of booking the original ticket and the travel date of free ticket must be fifteen days after the booking date of free ticket. There must be a seven day gap between the travel date of main/ original ticket and the free ticket. The travel date of free ticket should be on or before February 28, 2011. The free tickets cannot be transferred. On cancellation of the original
ticket(s), you no longer remain eligible for the free ticket(s).
 Easy_travel Cash Back Offer: Easy travel offers 25% cash back on all air ticket bookings between December 5, 2010 and February 28, 2011 using CeeCee net banking services or its debit/credit card. The cash back amount will be credited back to customers account within twenty-one days from making the transaction.
Maximum cash back during this period is Gs. 400 per person per ticket and total amount that can be claimed by a customer is Gs. 2,400.
Ek Ke Sath Ek Offer from Easy_travel: Book an AirSpice ticket with Easy_travel using any credit/debit card, and get another ticket absolutely free. The free tickets will
be issued on AirSpice on its entire network. The offer is valid for sale from January 11,2011 to January 31, 2011. The free ticket must be booked at least fifteen days prior to the date of travel and need to be completed within the offer period. The promotion code for the free ticket will get activated only seven days after booking the main ticket. Easy_travel will charge a handling fee of Gs. 1000/- per

person for any amendments made on main ticket. Cancellations of tickets purchased under this offer are not permitted. The free tickets obtained under this offer can not be exchanged for cash and cannot be re-routed.

36. Which offer has got the maximum chance for becoming the most popular among the air travelers of Gagan during post new-year period? Among the following options, choose the best offer-explanation  combination. (3 Marks)
A. Cozy _travel, because the customers will get twice the number of flights and the offer is applicable for all services provided by Cozy_travel.
B. Cozy _travel, because it allows any customer to transfer the free tickets to anyone if they are not interested in using it.
C. Ek ke sath ek offer from Easy _travel, because it offers absolutely free tickets to all customers.

D. Cash Back offers from Easy_travel, because all other offers are restricted either in terms of
airlines to choose or the period of offer.

E. Cozy_travel, because it allows customers to use free tickets even after post new-year period.

37. Suppose the offer from Cool_yatra became the most popular, and the other two agencies have
sought help from business consultants to make their offers more attractive. Identify the best
recommendation among the following

.(3 Marks)
A. Recommendation for the Ek Ke Sath Ek Offer of Easy_travel: Negotiate with GagaAir to come up with an offer that provides one free ticket for
every main ticket booked in AirSpice.
B. Recommendation for the Cash Back Offer of Easy_travel: Ensure that cash back amount will
be credited back to customer’s account within fifteen days.
C. Recommendation for the offer from Cozy_travel: Reduce the number of free tickets to one and
applicable only for air ticket booking (not for other services), but allow customers to book
their free tickets from Cozy _travel. com in GagaAir or comparable airlines without any date

D. Recommendation for the Ek Ke Sath Ek Offer of Easy_travel: Negotiate with GagaAir to come
up with an offer that provides one free ticket for every main ticket booked in GagaAir and run
both offers simultaneously.
E. Recommendation for the offer from Cozy_travel: Do not allow customers to transfer tickets to
others, but disclose that Cozy _travel will consider both GagaAir and AirSpice flights that
connect all cities in Gagan for issuing free tickets.
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38. Jagan is appearing for MAAT exam on January 2, 2011, in a city which is not his home town and he is yet to book the air ticket to reach his hometown from MAAT centre. Based on his MAAT
performance, he is confident about getting an interview call from the institute of his choice located in Akashpur. All institutes associated with MAAT will contact the short-listed candidates within next two weeks with venue details and date of interview. Interviews will be scheduled within fifteen days from the date of announcement of shortlist, and will be held at the respective institutes. Jagan’s hometown, MAAT centre, and Akashpur are connected by all airlines and the base fares starts at Gs. 1,000. While visiting Akashpur for the interview, Jagan will have to put up in a hotel. The minimum charge for booking a hotel in Akashpur through Cozy-travel is Gs. 2,400. Equally good hotels which are not listed in the Cozy _travel website charge Gs. 1,000. All the three travel websites assure a minimum of one free air ticket for every booking. If Jagan has no other reason to fly which one of the following offers should Jagan go for? (3 Marks)

A. Ek Ke Sath Ek Offer of Easy_travel
B. Get the flight ticket and hotel booking from Cozy _travel. He should use confirmed free ticket for return journey and exchange extra tickets (if any) on barter basis
C. Get the flight ticket through Cozy_travel, and use the second ticket if available for the return
D. Get the flight ticket from Cool_yatra
E. Get the flight ticket and hotel booking through Cozy_travel, and use free tickets for return journey
39. Janaki needs to reach Khilli on January 28 to visit her uncle, and will return after fifteen days. Janaki
found that the minimum fare for both the to and fro journeys is Gs. 5,000 which includes Gs. 1,200 base fare. If all airlines connect Janaki’s city to Khilli, and all three offers (except the Cash Back Offer) ensure minimum of one free air ticket, which of the following should Janaki opt for?
A. Ek Ke Sath Ek Offer of Easy_travel
B. Cash Back Offer of Easy_travel
C. The Cozy_travel offer
D. The Cool_yatra offer
E. Buy air tickets directly from airline websites
(3 Marks)
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