Friday, 11 October 2013

You know but you don't know That much !!!!!!!

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1. Elucidate - It means to throw light on or explain. A statement is to be made intelligible by providing relevant facts & figures. You are not going to differ in such questions but just follow the track it provides to you, just giving explanations if required with examples , To Elucidate >> Convince the Statement.
 2. Comment - It Requires personal Views of a candidate. Please note that " to comment " is not " to argue". It is necessary here to be balanced on each aspects , for and against, including every topic of the statement. Though a candidate can conclude either for or against but not necessarily to any one side specifically. Illustrations , datas , incidents , facts can be used to comment your view. 
3. Examine - This question compulsorily requires result of examination. One cannot be at middle point or remain undecisive to be neutral. The statement requires a close inspection to bring out facts throwing light on various merits and demerits and concluding on any one side.
 4. Critically Examine - Here too , one must give judgement. One needs not to justify any fact or point but to be critical to them so that no side - for or against - seems to be favoured. As a critic does not be either for or against but for at some aspects and against at others.
 5. Discuss - It gives you a chance to narrate various aspects & details of the statement. It is comparatively easy to discuss as you are neither required to explain nor to examine. Just providing necessary detail about various aspects of the question will suffice the answer.

6. Illustrate - To give example to explain the topic in the statement , to make it clear. Here too, relevant datas , quotations and facts can help to point out. But it must be remembered that you are not going to write an opposie to the staement. One needs to follow the direction of the statement and to explain it in that way.
 7. Simplify - To simplify means to made simple the statement. Give Definition , Meaning , Explanation , details , examples and make the statement easy to grasp.
 8. Argue - To argue is to give for & against arguments on different aspects & effects of the statement. Remember , both sides must be covered.
 9.Review - To review is to have a look on the historical facts of the staement. It is an expertise inspection of any topic. What outcomes & results you get produced there. 10.Justify - In it, A statement regarding any result , decision or fact is given. Candidate has to justify it by explaining its benefits or merits & expressing its effects on minimising the adverse side. To prove propaganda in the statement logically & step by step is the expectation. Hope This Will Help You and Other Puys All The Best


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