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Idioms based on Body parts

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Idioms based on Body parts
Body idioms
Idiom Meaning
Example sentence
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  • All ears
Fully listening
Give me a minute to finish my work and then i'll be all ears to hear about your project.
  • Break a leg
Today's the big game, eh? Break a leg!
  • Cold feet
Nervous just before a big event
My sister didn't get cold feet until she put her wedding gown on.
  • Cost an arm and a leg
Be very expensive
These cakes are delicious, but they cost an arm and a leg.
  • Cry your heart out
Cry very hard
I cried my heart out when my best friend moved away.
  • Give a hand, lend a hand
Help (someone) do something
I can give you a hand when you move if you like.
  • Have one's head in the clouds
Be unaware or unrealistic about something
Amy has her head in the clouds if she thinks she's going to pass her exams without studying.
  • Head over heels
Deeply in love
My brother is head over heels for his new girlfriend.
  • Head start
An earlier start
The kids gave Anthony a head start in the bicycle race because he was the youngest.
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  • In over one's head
Taking on a task that you can't handle
I was in over my head when i agreed to babysit the triplets and the dogs.
  • Keep an eye on
Take care of, watch in order to protect
I'll keep an eye on the dinner while you're on the phone.
  • Keep one's chin up
Try to be cheerful
Keep your chin up. I’m sure you'll make some friends soon.
  • Learn by heart, know by heart
I learned my multiplication tables by heart in the fourth grade.
  • Let one's hair down
Relax, have fun
Go to the cottage and let your hair down this weekend.
  • (my) Lips are sealed
Promise to keep a secret
Don't worry, i won't tell your mother how much you spent. My lips are sealed.
  • Makes my blood boil
Makes me very angry
It makes my blood boil when people don't tie up their dogs.
  • Neck of the woods
Nearby location or region
I heard that they might be opening a post office in our neck of the woods soon.
  • Over my dead body
Not unless I’m dead and can't stop you
My daughter wants a tatoo. I told her she'd get one over my dead body.
  • Pat on the back
Recognition or a thank-you
The party organizers deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.
  • Play something by ear
Do something without a plan
We don't know if the weather will be good enough for camping. We'll have to play it by ear.
  • Pull one's leg
Joke or tease someone
I was just pulling your leg. I’m not really a police officer.
  • Rule of thumb
Basic rule (not always followed)
The rule of thumb is that the students wear black pants and white shirts.
  • See eye to eye
The couple doesn’t see eye to eye on how to train their pets.
(your) heart goes out to (someone)
If your heart goes out to someone, you feel great sympathy for them.
(your) heart is in the right place
If your heart is in the right place, you try to do the right thing, even if things don't always work out for the best.
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  • (your) heart isn't in it
If your heart isn't in something you're doing, you don't really want to do it.
A bad hair day
If you're having a bad hair day, everything seems to be going wrong for you.
  • A kick in the teeth
If you get a kick in the teeth, something bad happens to you or you feel that you've been treated poorly.
  • A knuckle sandwich
If you give someone a knuckle sandwich, you punch them.
see idioms based on animals,fruit
  • A pain in the neck
You can say someone is a pain in the neck if they annoy you, or something is a pain in the neck if you don't like doing it.
  • A pat on the back
You've given someone a pat on the back if you've told them they've done something well, or done a good job.
  • A shot in the arm
You can say something is a shot in the arm if it gives a person or an organisation renewed energy or enthusiasm.
  • A sight for sore eyes
If something or someone is a sight for sore eyes, you are glad to see them.
  • A skeleton in the cupboard | closet
If you have a skeleton in the cupboard, or in the closet, you have a secret in your past which could damage you if it became
  • A slap on the wrist
If someone gives you a slap on the wrist, they give you a mild punishment for making a mistake or doing something wrong.
  • A slip of the tongue
If you make a slip of the tongue, you make a small mistake when speaking.


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