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-     Falling Dollar v/s Falling Rupee

-     E-Tailing (Online Shopping) v/s Traditional Retailers

-     Impact of Oil & Petroleum on World Politics

-     Should Water Management be privatized?

-     Censorship in Mass Media would lead to violation of freedom of press and media industry

-     Relationship of Indian Terrorism to Global Terrorism

-     Failure of the Government of India in implementing National Policy for Empowerment of Women 2001
(growing feminization of poverty; exploitation of women in low paid, hazardous and insecure jobs in the unorganized sector; wide gender gaps in literacy and in wage rates; and escalating violence against women and the rising incidence of female foeticide and infanticide.

-     Rural Marketing is the only way out for India and MNC

-     Government of India should stop extending subsidies for using alternative sources of energy (wind, thermal,etc)

-     Is India ready for Disaster Management?

-     India is suffering with lack of employable candidates despite of a large number of graduate and post-graduate colleges.

-     India-US nuclear deal underscores India's emergence as a global power

-     E-learning initiatives are substituting face-to-face classroom teacher with a virtual classroom.

-     Impact of rise in Inflation on daily life of a common man

-     Are Indian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects for poverty alleviation in rural areas successful?

-     E-learning is appropriate for distance education but not higher education.

-     Writing-off loans given to certain sections such as farmers, weavers, fishermen, etc. has a direct impact on Inflation.

-     IPL Auction: fair for some and unfair for others

-     Impact of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Higher Education in India

-     Social Networking Websites should be regulated and governed

-     Indian government should subsidize 'green technology products’?

-     The "Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection)" Act is a failure

-     Chinese Products v/s  India Products

-     Is Indian Government ready to protect individuals and businesses from Cyber Crimes?

-     Students educated in Gujarat should have reservations in IIM-Ahmedabad

-     Controlling Polio is more important than controlling AIDS

-     Indian Healthcare Sector should be privatized to improve the public healthcare system and medical tourism
-     Is Eco-tourism harmful for the environment?

-     Iraq War had a major role to play in the slowdown of the US economy & is still hindering US’s economic recovery

-     Reality Shows leave a bad impact on the society

-     Impact of ‘Carbon Footprints’ on Climate

-     Conservation of Wildlife is not possible in India

-     Indian Laws are responsible for the proliferation of black money in the India

-     Indian Bank Accounts v/s Swiss Bank Accounts

-     Indians studying abroad are unsafe and unsecured

-     Business and Social Development are two parallel lines which can never meet

-     Impact of the fluctuation in the rupee-dollar exchange rate on Indian industry

-     Economic Growth and Environmental Protection are 2 sides of a coin

-     There is no scope of one party government in India now

-     Should India open the Insurance Sector for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)?

-     Is India a Power self-sufficient country?

-     Is it possible for the regulators to minimize volatility in the stock market?

-     Online and Mobile Banking: Secured or Unsecured?

-     Waste Management (Household and Industrial Waste) is a major issue in developing countries

-     Impact of Repo Rate Cut on the Indian economy
-     2G v/s 3G
-     Telecom companies will get negatively affected by the implementation of Mobile Number Portability


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